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This is a publishing house, which was found 1977 in Düsseldorf. In 1988 it's registred office moved into the old manson in Willebadessen and in 1994 the ancestral seat into an old hotel. From here we plan and produce literature and sell it though the German-speaking area as well as into the near and far foreign countries.
Within globalisation we also began to publish books not only in two but also various other languages. This is possible as we work closely with professors from universities together, for example from Ankara and Sivas in Turkey.

The purpose of this homepage is to present our international literature. This is why we have created an own page for the presentations of these books.

We sell most of our books also in Switzerland and Austria. Our authors are not only from the German-speaking area or Europe but come from all the world.

Most of the books are written in German, but sometimes they are also avaliable in another language such as Swedish, Finnish, Italian as well as uncommon languages as Romansh. For many years we work on Tales, expecially on children's books (Tales for children) closely together with Necati Demir, professor in the University of Ankara and the Ibrahim Özbakir, academic in the University of Sivas.

If you would like to stumble upon our books: You can find at the left top of every page a button, which leads into the online-shop and another button, which leads to our very detailed catalogue.


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You can find different blocks in this homepage, which may help you:


Service for writers  Authors can find materials, components and information for their work here. You find here all information about the publishing house, the most important ones highlighted. Terms for authors and tools  as well as all information we are able to give can be found here.

ABOUT US: An introduction of the publishing house as well as of everyone, who works with and in it and together with the writers. We exist for more than 30 years and still work with all heart and soul on beautiful books. We, Gregor Schell, publisher and publishing manager and Heike Laufenburg, trained nursery nurse and accomplished editor, who works mostly with children's books and illustrates as a freelancing artist most of our books, especially the special editions.

ATHORS  We introduce some of our authors, interesting people, their work preferences and their publishments. If you like to browse, you can find excerpts of books in the following link as download:

 CATALOGUE & SHOP  This is our catalogue with all the available books, seperated into different groups. Here you are not only able to browse but also able to order the books.

ANTHOLOGIES: Here you can find all the infomation about our anthologies, published in Zweibelzwerg Verlag by Heike Laufenburg and Gregor Christian Schell. This books are done in collaboration with many different authors, they are a wonderful gift for any reader. (This page showes the website of the anthologies:



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