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Since our publishing house, Zwiebelzwerg Verlag changed from being a close corporation into an one-man business we send annually newsletters to our authors, in which we try to give information about our work as well as our life.

In this way we build connections to many different authors and writers. Clear is that many authors already know us and our kids for decades. Often we phone or even meet with them, even if it happens just every few month. This contacts get closer to us and we are happy to hear from them, sometimes after quite a while again.

Most literature, in which people write about their experiences, is based on real events, which involved the writers and often deals with the hardest times of their lifes. The conversations, mostly phonecalls, are because of this always very penetrative. And that is good – because the publisher's duty is to occupy themselves with the author personally.

Nowadays we also keep contact via electronic mediums such as emails, Skype as well as Facebook

n the following you will see a list of ways to comunicate with the publisher personally:

You are able to contact us per E-mail at verlag@zwiebelzwerg.de

Our skype-account is called ZWIEBELZWERG – please mention in your contact request that you are an author, then you will be accepted. Please try to contact us in Chat, because of technical reasons we normally miss calls.

The Zwiebelzwerg Verlag has now also a fan page in Facebook, as well as the publisher Gregor Christian Schell who accepts friend requests. You can find more information on our official   ZWIEBELZWERG VERLAG-fanpage in Facebook.


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