Different than most other publishing houses, Zwiebelzwerg Verlag produces it's literature traditionally itself. In the process the books are cut and bound by hand, so that they gain a special quality. Experts often classify them into premium-segment

To establish this claim, we use just the possibly best materials for your book. In addition to design and fine paper, as well as special extra-thick and high quality book-printing paper we use (besides pocketbooks) premium cold lime, to dry them the books re pressed though traditional book pressing. This kind of working process if logical impossible for most printing shops. To give an insight into our work, we would like to introduce the different assignments and the work-flow of our publishing house on this website.


In our library we work on the conception of the book. By doing so the main composition of the book as well as the production steps are set. The library is also used as reception room for authors as well as guests of the publishing house. We have a huge collection of literature with more than 60,000 different books. Some of them are centuries old. Among the literature in the library is also a whole press archive. Besides all literature, books, booklets as well as magazines published by Zwiebelzwerg Verlag can be found here as  deposit copy.

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The office is the center of the publishing house. Numerous of computers, scanners, printers and other technical equipment can be found here. The manuscript is edited into a book, the creation of websites, online shops and maintenance of the distribution of the book takes place here. One can also find some of our remarkable collection of dwarfs in the office.

Our book warehouse and manufacturing space is located in a former dining room, a grotto-like constructed room, which offers a unique atmosphere. Here the books are dried, pressed and cut, the finished ones are stored in storage racks.


In the art room the special editions are decorated and garnished. The materials required by Heike Laufenburg as well as the special editions itself are stored here. Significant time and calmness is needed by doing precious and complete books for the special edition . The room is therefore separated from the rest of the publishing spaces on the top floor.


We hope, that we were able to give you an insigt into our publishing house and that you are able to build up assess and trust to us.



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