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Special editions

Heike Laufenburg Edition

This books are published in large scale in a 25 piece edition as artist books. We have already printed and bound a few of this books – and within the next month the number of finished artist books will expand. The books are printed on smooth carton or book-printing paper. The wrappers are made of cottonwood, which is covered with different materials: Often we use nature-tanned leathers, which we decorate by hand. We don't buy our materials from sources, which breed the animals for only  stitching leather, they are sold to us by a trader and a tannery. The resources are all gathered either from biological sheep- or goatherds as well as from private hunters. The leather is tanned by consuetudinarily dispense and is used for a traditional book-cover with a high quality. After the books are sized and lined they get screwed with medieval technique. As decoration we use partially leaf gilding and gold painting. Other decorations are very visionary and costumised for the content of the book, often semi- and precious stones are used. Different kind of coating is used as protection.

When we publish a special edition of a particular book, the author hasn't to pay anything in addition!

The books are offered in the Internet on artist's pages. Most of them were or are on “Forum Book Art“'s Book of the Month and are presented there because of their high quality. Still they also are sold in Amazon, Booklooker, the gallery Heike Laufenburg in as well as via In addition we have the own website and


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